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"Spreading inspiration, optimism and resiliency”.

Anne Barry Jolles is a Certified Life Coach, Author and National Speaker.
Her most recent book is, "Rise and Shine Anytime" Simple Questions To Wake Up Your Life. Anne is an expert at condensing wisdom into manageable pieces for others to grab and take into their busy life for immediate transformation. Anne strongly believes in keeping "it" simple, especially for parents of teens, because life is challenging enough! In addition to "Rise and Shine Anytime", Anne has authored and illustrated a book entitled, "Keeping Your Sanity While Loving and Letting Go Of Your Teen" with an accompanying CD of the same name.
Anne presents workshops, teleclasses, retreats and seminars designed to deepen the learning and experience the energy of her material. Her presentations are interactive, energizing, educational and tailored to suit the group's needs.
Anne is a coach that supports a mix of personal and business clients who are committed to increasing life satisfaction, creating success, and obtaining a great quality of life and relationships at home, work and play.
Anne loves discovery. Her adventures include jumping off the "Jaws" Bridge {The shark's in the pond!"}, horse back riding through glacial fields with her family and kayaking. She is an avid in-line skater and keeps her 'blades in the car trunk, just in case...
It has taken Anne 53 years to make the best chicken soup on the planet, and endless ballroom dance lessons to finally stop trying to lead and enjoy following.
Anne continually seeks ways to boost her vitality and energy, and have more fun. She relishes enthusiasm both from herself and others.

Anne began her career as an Occupational Therapist. After getting her MBA, she purchased and operated her own business. In 2001, Anne was certified a Co-Active Coach from The Coaches Training Institute. As a Coach, Anne especially likes to work with parents of teens and young adults. She has utmost respect for this group of courageous folks and is passionate about sharing with them to assist them to be at their parenting best!

For parents of teens seeking a light touch to some heavy issues...

#1. "Keeping Your Sanity While Loving and Letting Go of Your Teen" An easy to read parent- friendly book with simple tools and strategies to begin using immediately in your busy and full life.
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The accompanying CD of the same name, contains Anne’s original, humorous writings based in the reality of parenting a teen today. This was produced and accompanied by original music from Award Winning Joe Merrick of Guilty Dog Studio.
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#2. "Rise and Shine Anytime"
Simple Questions To Wake Up Your Life. This book helps you to bring clarity to tough situations, regain your footing during stress and as a result, bring your best to the next moment through conscious intentional choices. It is a tool for self reflection, an invitation for more joy to enter and an opportunity to create your future.
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