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  • Parenting teens can be a humbling experience...

    This site contains wisdom condensed into manageable, practical, easy to grasp concepts and tools to grab and begin using immediately in your family and busy life. I bring a light touch to some heavy subjects.

    "Spreading inspiration, optimism and resiliency to parents of teens and young adults."

Complimentary E-courses

  • #1: Keeping Your Sanity While Loving and Letting Go of Your Teen

    This FREE E-course is for parents of teens in the process of loving and letting go of their teen... do you know a parent who is not?

    By the way, keeping your sanity all the time is not possible.

    The secret is in your ability to ‘bounce!’ This is a 5-session mini e-course.

  • #2: Five Steps for Bringing Your Best to the Next Moment

    This FREE E-course is designed for anyone wishing to find and create more G.R.A.C.E. in their life.

    Between pick-ups, drop-offs, work and your to-do list, use this easy 5 step process bringing you from chaos to clarity. Tired of checking in on everyone else?

    Well, this is a tool to check in with yourself and bring your best to the next moment. This is a 5-session mini e-course.


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